Do No Harm painting
Do No Harm
ink on paper

A gentle reminder to be kind, but also to stand up for yourself. A lesson many of us need to be reminded of from time to time.

Created for the Modern Muse show at Metropolis Collective, February 2017.
“Modern Muse” draws on that curiosity and fascination with a subject with which we all have a vastly differing ideal, the iconic “strong female”. To me, this is a limitless, timeless and ever morphing inspiration, further driven by the unconventional models and barrier breaking beautiful women who have graciously offered their time as models.

Heroine, Witch, Mother, Gypsy, Rebel, Destroyer, Dreamer...there is no one label, nor one defining ideal. That alone makes the images included in “Modern Muse” a daunting task. If that weren’t limitless enough, exploring the archeteypes becomes even more challenging when opening my creative efforts to mediums outside the tattoo trade, my primary craft.
The mediums you see in this exhibit have allowed me to expand upon scale, technique, and ideas that can’t be approached fully on skin. Distilled maybe, but not achieved in the manner in which these subjects are asking to be brought forth.

I truly hope you find your own personal Muse while viewing the pieces created for this exhibit and thank you for visiting.